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Shenzhen Ankai Electric Co., Ltd, production and sales of total box-type insulated SF6 ring counter, XGN5-12 ring counter, solid insulation ring counter, cable distribution box, outdoor opening and closing. Acting Schneider SM6 ring counter, Schneider RM6 ring counter, ABB-UniSwitch ring counter, ABB-SafeRing / SafePlus ring counters, Siemens 8DJH ring counters, Siemens SIMOSEC ring counter, Siemens NXAir S high-voltage counter. Company and Schneider, ABB, Siemens and other world-renowned electrical equipment manufacturers to establish a good relationship of cooperation. I operated by the Secretary for products in many projects have been widely used, access to all regions of the electricity sector and the vast majority of users of the praise, but also in the local power grid proposal to play a good efficiency. The main products are all insulated SF6 ring network cabinet, solid insulated ring network counters, XGN5-12 ring counter, cable distribution box, outdoor opening and closing, ABB-SafeRing / SafePlus ring counter, Siemens NXAir S high voltage cabinet, Siemens 8DJH Ring network counters, Schneider SM6 ring counter, Schneider RM6 ring counter.
The company pursues people-oriented, science and technology-leading management concept to Europe and the United States well-known high-tech mechanical and electrical products manufacturing enterprises as the basis, set product design, manufacturing, brand agents, engineering consulting, product sales and after-sale tracking service in one. Since its inception, is committed to the development, promotion of the world's advanced level in the low-voltage distribution equipment and power grid monitoring and management technology, and establish a sound management, operation and after-sales service system.